Finally, I have succeeded in completing a game Jam and publishing a game.

Its not pretty, its not very advanced, but its a game and its playable :)

I was late to start, only found the Jam on wednesday, 4 days into the Jam and did not have time to start until Friday evening.

I have played around with unity a few times, but never ever got anything even remotely playable and I did try out blender, 10 years ago, but got the lates 2.8 as I needed some models for what I had in mind.

The models are crude and some faces got lost, but they did the job and I got the game completed in time, with almost one hour to spare.

I will not be able to make new models since I need to learn a lot more than 5 tutorial videos can give ;)

But I might add some music if I figure out how :)

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Aug 31, 2019

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